Data is vital to your business, and your data backup system should be checked every day.


MRB offers a unique Managed Backup Service with our team of data protection experts monitoring and maintaining over 7000 backup systems every day.

The problem with all backup applications is searching through endless email alerts to find skipped or failed backup jobs.


Our unique automated backup job reporting system emails customers daily, weekly and monthly with a graphical backup status report.  This saves you time and money from searching through countless backup email alerts to find out if anything has failed and often issues are overlooked due to streams of false positive emails. 


To ensure your data is protected our International Support Desk monitors and ensures maximum backup performance tuning and notify customers should the DATASAFE device reports hardware failures or storage volumes exceed 80% capacity.



Checking your own backup data daily is very time-consuming.  MRB Service Desk receives your backup logs daily and checks for errors and automatically sends you a simple one-page report graphically showing you the success or failures of your backup jobs.


Each client is assigned a dedicated technician who will gather in-depth knowledge of how you would like your data protected.  Our service desk will provide everything you need to get your backup system up and running and provide day to day management plus assistance to restore your data if needed.


Backup jobs are continually monitored daily by our remote support desk. MRB backup technicians will notify you of any issues with your backup system and resolve the issues so you can trust your backup data will be available when needed.


Being able to recover your data reliably is the most important part of your backup system.  MRB technicians can schedule test restores and are available remotley or onsite to help you get your business back up and running.  

Cost Effective Using Best-In-Class vendors MRB aims to provide the most cost effective solution to protect your business data


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