We understand and embrace 
BaaS – Backup as a Service, 
and the value of your most important asset your data.

Mr Backup has developed a number of automated, robust and flexible data backup solutions, customized to the requirement of every client. We efficiently manage your data on a continuous basis, allowing you to focus on the overall aspects of your information systems. Mr Backup’s solutions are cost effective and secure, provide peace of mind as well as revolutionary Opex or Capex purchasing models.

Our 3-Tier data backup solutions offer multiple levels of security against data loss and external threats, while also providing high-speed data restoration. Our on-site solutions are supported by our 6 international data centres, and our storage offering includes secure cloud backup, warm to cool storage and longer term archiving.

Backup Systems

Our Stealth Replicator series of decoy backup units and rackmount storage systems is the mainstay of our ...

Cloud & Storage Solutions

As a tech company, Probax are focused on enabling IT Providers to offer Certified Recoverable Backups...


Mr Backup provides specialist data backup automation and management software as follows...