CCTV Backup and Storage

Video Surveillance will grow to 859 PetaBytes created daily

By 2020 video surveillance is expected to reach 3.3 trillion hours of captured footage globally

The average 1080 camera creates 10GB of data per day. With just 20 CCTV surveillance cameras recording and data needing archived for 12 months retention would amount to 73TB of data.

CCTV recording equipment NVR (network video recorder) and DVR (Digital video recorders) are becoming a target for criminals. They want to destroy the evidence and any chance of being caught. Business go to great lengths to hide recording equipment but the downside is the environment may not be suited to electronic equipment, plus having access to service the device can be a problem.

How do you overcome the issue of physical theft of your video surveillance data?

The answer is go covert

Mr Backup Stealth Replicator

Our range of Stealth Replicators are designed so they do not look like a part of your IT and CCTV system. Secured to a wall with no obvious data cables or power socket to be disconnected they are designed to keep a secondary copy of your video surveillance footage.

With over 5000 installed units in retail outlets, manufacturing and service businesses in South Africa. We are the trusted company people come to when they have lost everything due to fire, flood or theft.

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