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Probax partnership

In 2017, Mr Backup launched further services in the EMEA region in partnership with international cloud backup and disaster recovery specialist, Probax.

This partnered global service offers fantastic value for all MSP’s by reducing technician time and spend by up to 80% through the efficient and professional management of the client’s backup process.

Probax offers a software agnostic approach, with automated application monitoring to significantly simplify data management.

For over a decade, Probax has enabled IT Providers to offer Certified Recoverable Backups to their clients; they have developed advanced monitoring and reporting tools for existing backup software.

After enormous growth, Probax today protects more than 200 Petabytes of data internationally. With secure data centres in London, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Johannesburg and Beauharnois, Probax products ensure the reliability of systems and data security.

Mr Backup storage

We have created warm, cold and deep freeze storage solutions for clients looking for cost effective data centre solutions.

For all your enquiries for hosting and for storage options, please email marketing@mrbackup.biz.

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Mr Backup MD, Nic Thorburn said: “MSPs are going to love how easy it is to work with Probax. The MSP’s are charged in local currency (and not susceptible to exchange rate fluctuations), have their data stored securely in a country, or chosen location only, and they have access to local knowledge and expertise to quickly help if anything ever goes wrong. MSPs can keep using their existing backup software such as Veeam and Shadow Protect, or they can buy month to month licences on the portal at huge discounts. It’s a winning formula and an ideal managed platform for MSP’s and their clients!”


Hover and scroll below to visit the Probax website right here:

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