Data Replication Services

According to Gartner Information and Operation leaders responsible for storage who back up more data than required to meet SLAs are seeing increases in storage backup costs, failure rates and backup window times.   Gartner recommends a tiered approach to backup and recovery plus incorporates a data archive solution for long-term data storage.


Data Replication is a simple approach to overcoming problems created when trying to backup everything in one go.

There has never been more choice of data protection technology with many of them incorporating image-based backup which creates multiple copies of your entire system.  While this makes restoring systems easy, it can become an expensive option when adopting a cloud backup storage for off-site data protection.

Depending on the workload, Mr Backup has created a number of solutions to create a tiered approach to data protection which includes:

  • Data Replication for POS and EndPoint Backup
  • NAS Data Replication to cloud or remote NAS
  • Image-based backup for physical and virtual servers,
  • Veeam Disaster Recovery as a Service

Before you consider changing your backup solution or reconfigure backup schedules to fit your ever-increasing data requirement.  Talk to one of our data protection specialists to help design a data protection solution built around your business.

Data Replication Options

  • Direct to Cloud Replication
  • Site to Site Replication
  • Stealth Replicator appliance