Mr Backup offers a range of consultancy services in

Disaster recovery developing planning and testing. Business continuity is key these days so having a proactive DR plan that stays up to date is essential.  There are many interruptions to businesses and a good DR plan will allow failures to be emulated and recovery processes to be tested.  Mapping out critical services to infrastructure is a key part of the planning phase of any DR project.  Our tried and tested template will allow any staff member to understand the impact on the business in the event of an outage or attack.

Backup Strategy planning defining RTO & RPO developing a best practice backup plan and testing. With 35 Years of IT experience and 10 years of specialised Backup System Architecture experience, we can help you plan and scale your backup and restores.  We work with the top backup vendors and have a lot of experience in Backup Replication and Archiving DATA.  Our two data centres allow us to offer off-site backup (office 365) and failover services in our Hybri- Cloud.

Compliance in IT : PoPi and GDPR Compliance awareness training for staff and managers is essential, we have a program that helps get everyone up to speed.  We have a Readiness Assessment program that spans across 5 areas of your business.  After the assessment, we can help plan a roadmap to compliance, and apply compliance by design rather than retrofitting.

Cybersecurity has become a business-wide issue and not constrained to IT.  With best practice tools (a lot are open source) and a structured program with continuous risk assessments security can be managed.  Attack often come from inside the organisation. Users need to be continuously educated and our Phishing training Portal can help create awareness and reduce risk while keeping track on user training progress and vulnerabilities

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