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Backup Data Management

Your DATA is critical to the business. IT managers struggle or sometimes overlook the maintenance and daily checks to ensure your backup data is healthy and can be restored. This leaves businesses at risk of data loss due to system failures, cyber security threats and non compliance of government regulations. MRB offers a unique data management service to monitor and alert you if things are going wrong.


Backup jobs are monitored daily to ensure your data is recoverable.


MRB ensures your data does not leave your shores for GDPR – POPI Act compliance regulations.


Automated malware and ransomware protection.


MRB Data Management Services

Our goal is to make data backup cost effective with a personal service and the ability to deliver solutions that meet your business needs.

Cyber Security

Managed Service


What We Offer

MRB provides complete end to end data management of your backup systems. From backup hardware storage, cloud storage, software licensing and a team dedicated to ensure your business is protected.


MRB provides graphical daily reports. This takes the guess work out of checking your backup jobs are successful and chasing false positive errors to save you time.


Regular checks to ensure your backup storage does not run out of space, software upgrades and tuning.

Data Recovery

MRB support team will help you recover your business from user error, hardware failure, virus infections and natural disasters.


Service Agreements

Our approach is to provide cost effective backup, storage and security using best of bread vendors. Service Level agreements are tailored to your business data protection and recovery requirements. Your managed service agreement can include:

Daily Reports

Graphical daily reports are emailed to view backup job success and failure to save you time.

Storage health & monitoring

Backup NAS storage health and monitoring is critical to ensuring your backups continue.

Cloud Data Seeding

Physically shipping data offsite for cloud seeding for initial backup or regular monthly backup data archiving.

Data Replication Monitoring

Daily checks ensure your backup data replicated offsite and can be restored.

Data Recovery Drive Seeding

Restoring large amounts of data from the cloud takes time. MRB saves you time by sending you a copy of all your data on a shipping drive.

Technical Support

Technical support is provided on all our solutions to ensure your business is protected 24×7.

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