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Mr Backup 9 years on

Newsletter – Mr Backup is 9 years old today

Over the past year, we have achieved 30% growth, qualified for BBBEE certification, attracted the attention of corporate-level opportunities, placed a foothold in Europe outside of the UK, and implemented a new management team.  Through growth, we aim to deliver on our mission to provide all our customers with reliable, efficient and cost-effective data protection systems.
In the last year, customers have asked us to provide backup for Microsoft Office 365, Cloud Backup, Disaster Recovery, plus assist with Compliancy and Business Continuity projects. 

We have worked hard to select the right world-class solutions for you and have delivered all of these products and services.

View our complete list of vendors here https://mrbackup.biz/partners/

If you are not currently using our backup monitoring services check out our research on the 7 reasons why backups fail and what to look out for.  

Your data is the most valuable asset in your business, and we take great care to ensure we monitor and troubleshoot every backup job that starts to have issues. 

Mr Backup has now invested heavily in a new professional services automation system from Kaseya to track and manage every customer issue and ensure we can measure and improve the services we offer all our customers.

The Mr Backup team would like to personally thank all our valued customers for your continued loyalty and trust in us to look after your business data for the past 9 years

Inspiring young women in IT

Mr Backup sponsors CuriosITy workshop Inspiring young women in schools to consider a career in IT

Mr Backup believes in developing the next generation to consider careers in IT.  With 30% of staff working at

 Mr Backup being female we are committed to providing equal opportunities for all.  Our recruitment strategy as always is to find the right candidate for our company culture.  Technical skills can and always will be taught on the job at Mr Backup.  We pride ourselves on developing people and the community to empower themselves. 

This month we are proud to announce for the second year running Mr Backup is sponsoring a table at Brescia House School’s Curiosity Workshop https://www.brescia.co.za/curiosity The aim of this event is to inspire young women to look at the opportunity in the IT market. 


In November 2015, Brescia House School in conjunction with Microsoft appointed four Grade 10 girls to represent the School and South Africa as part of the 200 world-wide Microsoft Student Ambassadors. The girls have attended virtual webinars during the year and were challenged, as part of the program, to run a project that will make a difference in the community.  The girls identified that traditionally girls do not choose IT as a career path, nor do many girls select IT as a matriculation subject at school. The Girls, along with their Teacher, Mrs. Lyneth Crighton, came up with an idea to host a special elegant dinner for girls, like themselves, who were interested in a career in IT.

On Wednesday 25th May, Brescia House School held it first CuriosITy Dinner the girls hosted one hundred and thirty Grade 11 girls presenting thirty-six schools from all over Gauteng, along with one hundred IT or CAT teachers and various professionals from the IT industry.  Participates enjoyed a wonderful three-course dinner and listened to talks by Lori Milner, author of the book “Own your space” and Amukelani Mombedzi from WeThinkCode. During the evening, the girls changed tables after each course to give them the maximum advantage for meeting professionals for the IT industry.

On Wednesday 17th May 2017, Brescia House School held its second CuriosITy Dinner; two hundred and one Grade 11 girls presenting forty-four schools from all over Gauteng, along with one hundred and thirty-six various professionals from the IT industry and IT or CAT teachers from the represented schools. 

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Your Cloud is Fragile Handle with Care

How to protect your data in the cloud Does Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Dropbox backup my data?

If you are using Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox or any other Free cloud storage provider they all use file synchronisation technology to create a copy of your data.

While these cloud systems state they Backup your data and provide data protection and recovery it is very limited in what they can recover and comes with a hidden risk you may not know about.

Like every other storage media whether it is your PC hard drive, USB Storage Disk, NAS it still needs to be protected with a separate backup tool that follows the 3-2-1 Backup Rule that is independent of the storage system you use to store your files.

For example, Dropbox duplicates your files onto every computer you own, it also keeps its own set of backups – so you can roll back to an earlier version of a file, or recover deleted items. This feature can be a real life-saver: to recover a deleted file, you can just log in through the browser, click Files, then click Deleted files in the sidebar. Find the file you want to resurrect and click restore.

The catch is that changes and deleted files are only stored for 30 days, after which they’re purged. So while Dropbox can rescue you from short-term problems, it’s no use when you need to restore a document that was changed or deleted a few months ago. You can extend the window to 120 days by upgrading to a Dropbox professional account £199 annually, or £19.99 per month.

With all these systems, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox and others your files are dispersed to all your devices.  Each one of your devices is a week point and are open to ransomware encryption, corruption from Malware, infection of viruses and open to theft by using your mobile devices on public WiFi networks.

Anyone of these threats can affect the files on your device and synchronise the affected file to your cloud storage. Once in the cloud, it will wreak havoc on the rest of your files and will infect others when you share files with infection.

We recommend you protect and secure your cloud storage. Have a separate backup system for your cloud storage and install antivirus and malware protection software on your PCs and Mobile devices.  See below for some recommend product from Mr Backup

Office Backup System

Backup all your PC and Mobile data to one central point in your office with a network attached backup storage device. 

Features include:

  • Simple user-friendly setup
  • Data Encryption, backup and restore 
  • Scalable solutions for home user up to enterprise businesses 
  • Synchronise to cloud backup for additional protection 
  • Setup and support from Mr Backup Service Desk

Theft Proof Data Storage

Mr Backup’s unique Stealth Replicator is installed in over 1000’s of customer premises backing up PCs, Servers to one central point with archive backups stored in our datacentres. 

Features include:

  • Covert Design fools would be thieves 
  • Securely screwed to a wall or hidden out of sight
  • Data Encryption, backup and restore 
  • Scalable solutions for home user up to enterprise businesses 
  • Synchronise to cloud backup for additional protection 
  • Setup and support from Mr Backup Service Desk
  • Daily monitoring and backup report 
Cyber Security 101

Cyber Security 101

8 Tips to keep your data safe

Protect yourself and your business from the 13,842 attempted cyber attacks happening in South Africa every day.


Set Memorable Passwords. Forget using characters or numbers in place of letters trying to make secure passwords.  Use memorable passwords made up of at least 3 random words you will remember.  Don’t use the same password for all systems.  Instead, have a strong password set for differing groups of systems to help you remember.  For example, social media group passwords, financial banking applications group, Online shopping, machine, and work password groups. 


Beware of using free software. Especially free antivirus software and any software key hacks. Many of them contain Malware to track your life through the internet


Always update your PC and Mobile devices with the latest security patches from the source vendor.

USB Devices

Never use free USB sticks from an event or that someone has given to you. Unless you have up to date antivirus software installed you are running a big risk of being infected.


Always be aware when opening any email even from people you know. 

  • Don’t trust anything you haven’t expected. Always be suspicious of emails you haven’t expected, even from people you know. Especially if it asks you to open an attachment, click on a link or divulge any information.
  • Verify the sender address by clicking reply, you will see that an alleged internal email is really going somewhere else.
  • Requests for money should raise alarm bells. Always treat requests for money or sensitive information with a high degree of skepticism.
  • Look but don’t click. Hover your mouse over any links embedded in the body of the email. If the link address looks suspicious, don’t click on it
  • Verify with the sender.If the tone or the purpose of the email is slightly out of the ordinary, like a request for payment from the CEO to you, rather call or text the sender before actioning anything.

We recommend getting your staff trained on how to spot phishing email attacks.  Contact your Mr Backup representative today for further information and training available.  


Get a Recovery Plan…  As well keeping yourself secure with education, antivirus and security software the ultimate recovery solution should you become a target always falls back to having a reliable and automated backup and recovery solution.

Your Backup and Recovery plan must include the 3-2-1 Rule.

Have 3 copies of your data.  Use 2 separate storage systems.  1 copy of your data in a separate location.


Increase your knowledge of online security threats.  Learn about the different types of attacks cybercriminals will use to access your data.

Malware can be defined as any programme or file intended to damage or disable computers and computer systems without the user’s knowledge.  Malware can include computer viruses, worms and Trojan horses.

A “worm” is a standalone malware computer programme that replicates itself in order to spread to other computers.

A Trojan horse is a type of malware that is often disguised as legitimate software.

Spyware is software that collects a person’s personal information such as credit card numbers, without the person knowing it is happening.  The information is sent to criminals without the consumer’s consent where it can be used to commit fraud.

Key loggers are devices which will record every keystroke a user makes. Keystroke logging is malicious spyware that is used to capture sensitive information like passwords or financial information. Sensitive information is sent to third parties for exploitation by criminals.


Make staff education, system updates, recovery processes, monitoring and reporting part of your day to day business.  Security is not a one-off project.  Ask your Mr Backup contact how to improve your security to help you discuss and guide you on the best solutions for your business.

Mr Backup Offers the following services:

NEW SERVICES from South Africa’s leading data protection experts

Mr Backup has been busy enhancing services to support the needs of our customers by expanding our Cloud Backup, support monitoring, security, and consultancy services.

Cloud Backup Services

  • Cloud Backup for Windows, Linux, Apple
  • Backup for Office 365 Mail, OneDrive, SharePoint
  • Offsite Server replication and hosting
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service 

Onsite storage and backup solutions

  • Synology
  • NetApp
  • Stealth Replicators  

Monitoring – Security – Support

  • Daily backup reports 
  • System health monitoring
  • Enhanced anti-virus tools
  • Web based backup management tools

Security, Disaster Recovery, and Compliance Consultancy

  • Stay ahead of the new government and financial regulations
  • Threat Protection and best security practices
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Staff data security training
BEE Status Update

BEE Status Update

Black Economic Empowerment Level 2 Status Announcement

The Directors of Mr Backup (Pty) Ltd are proud to announce that the Board has approved the implementation of Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) Level 2 Status.

“We are delighted with this announcement and would like to thank all our loyal customers, suppliers and business partners for giving us this opportunity.

Due to the continued success and growth at Mr Backup, we are determined to enhance our Proudly South African status in a positive approach to our country’s efforts to bring about economic equality. Our team has worked very hard to achieve over 30% growth in 2018 across the Southern African region, and we are naturally very proud of achieving a Level 2 Contribution Status for 2019 with 51% ownership by our PDI employees.

The certification demonstrates our commitment not only to operational excellence but to remain an active and enthusiastic contributor to the future of the South African economy,” says, Nic Thorburn, Chief Executive Officer.

A huge benefit for our customers is the 125%  BEE Procurement Recognition they receive due to our Level Two status, even while we await the issue of the final document to distribute.

About Mr Backup

Formed in 2010 Mr Backup provides an all-encompassing managed data protection service.  Utilising products from industry-leading data backup, storage, and security vendors, every solution provided by Mr Backup is monitored and supported by our Johannesburg based International Support Desk.  Operating throughout Africa and Europe our unique approach enables Mr Backup to protect, manage and monitor thousands of machines daily, thus saving our customers countless hours managing backups and reducing business risk due to data loss and cybercrime.