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How to backup your PC

Where do you store your most important files?  Most people use public clouds like Google, Microsoft, Dropbox or just keep them on a laptop drive but are they safe and what if you accidentally deleted files and 6 months later you wanted to get the files back? Or worse your files got encrypted by a ransomware virus. Would you pay to get your data back? An estimated $15Billion is paid to cybercriminals per year and growing.    

The answer is to protect your data with a secure automated backup system by doing the following.  Have 3 copies of your data, stored on 2 separate media systems, with 1 copy of your data in a separate location.

If you are looking for a totally robust backup system to protect against ransomware, fire, theft, hard drive failure, accidental deletion, or you just left your laptop on the train.  Consider a Data Safe USB device that will automatically copy your important files and then send them to a secure data centre.  

Our support desk will then monitor every backup task for you and let you know if there are any issues, so you have no need to worry about losing again.  Should you do run into a problem and lost your data our support desk is open 24 hours a day to help you restore your data. 

Mr Backup Data Safe Features

  • Supports Microsoft Windows and Mac
  • Storage upto 128GB
  • Fire Proof up to 400 degrees
  • Simple plug in and go 
  • Pre installed backup software

We also strongly suggest antivirus security software is installed alongside your backup solution for total protection which can all be supplied in one simple cost-effective monthly service fee.  Contact us today for more information or subscribe to our newsletter for more tips and tricks to protect your data.