Public vs Private Cloud

People often ask us what is the difference between private cloud backup storage and public cloud storage (i.e. Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive). In simple terms, public cloud storage uses shared resources and all management of the storage and data is provided by the public cloud provider.  Private Cloud storage provides you more control over the resources used and how your data is protected and retained.  


The main issues we come across is public cloud storage has a retention period in their terms and conditions. This is the time in which they keep your data should you delete or change a file. Normally this is 60 to 90 days depending on your provider. After the retention period has passed your data is gone forever.  Another overlooked issue with Public Cloud storage is they rely on replicating data from your PC and devices to the cloud where your local files could become infected with a virus or encrypted by ransomware.  This, in turn, can infect your cloud storage and this is little that back is done to retrieve your data.


Using secure private cloud backup storage puts you in control of how long you wish to keep your data no matter if you have deleted or changed a file.  Mr Backup’s dedicated Private Cloud backup storage will keep file versions for as long as you need and protected as a backup image which is air gapped so that viruses and encryption attacks do not infect all your backup data. As data backup experts we recommend an automated and monitored backup system that keeps a minimum of three copies of your data, saved on two types of media and at least one copy off-site. Contact us for more on protecting your cloud storage.


While public cloud storage has revolutionised the way we work and how we share data you should consider how to protect them like any other storage media.  The simple way is to replicate your cloud drive to your PC and then backup the data with a scheduled backup agent to a second location. Ideally backup to dedicated robust Cloud Backup Storage.


If you need any advise on how best to protect your data no matter where it is, then get in touch with Mr Backup.