Probax and Mr Backup partner program continues international expansion of cloud backup services

International cloud backup and disaster recovery provider Probax have launched a new data centre in the African region. This expansion makes their advanced cloud storage products available for local Managed Service Providers. Probax will also offer monthly licences for Veeam and StorageCraft at a reduced rate, with the aim of making cloud storage easily available to African MSPs.

“Managed Service Providers in South Africa have been asking for a local cloud that has all the benefits of Probax Control and Scout monitoring while still keeping data close to home” said Nic Thorburn, Head of Operations for Probax Africa. “It’s incredibly inexpensive” commented Mr Thorburn. “We also offer monthly Veeam and StorageCraft licences at massively reduced rates for those who need them.”
“South Africa is our first storage location in the EMEA Region. We see a real opportunity to help MSPs of all sizes due to factors such as high crime rate, unstable power and seemingly inadequate bandwidth” said Kevin Allan, Managing Director of Probax. “The problem is that most cloud services are located in other continents where latency and speed of backups and restores are a real challenge. By having ‘hands and feet’ on the ground, we are able to overcome these problems by providing the ability for MSPs to send and receive hard drives between a local Johannesburg data centre.”

Mr Thorburn said “MSPs are going to love how easy it is. They are charged in Rand (and not susceptible to exchange rate fluctuations), have their data stored securely in South Africa, plus we have the knowledge and expertise to quickly help if anything ever goes wrong. MSPs can keep using their existing Veeam and ShadowProtect backups and replicate them to the Probax Cloud in Johannesburg.”