The Mr Backup DataSafe product range consists of sized versions of steel encased, robust, solid state backup and storage devices. The devices are designed to be fixed to the underside of desks to prevent easy removal and are theft, heat and water resistant.

They act as cost-effective local backup and fast restore devices without the mobility factor which often results in loss or theft. They are ideal for POS SYSTEMS and RETAILERS.


The devices include backup software and range from 8GB to 128GB in size.

Typical use case include:

  • Retailers who have small data sets on site, who use cloud or hosted environments for their main business system backups.

  • Any operation that wishes to backup or store critical data up to 128GB in a safe device on their premises.

  • School offices, Accountants, Brokers or Professionals using home offices

  • Senior Management wishing to separately backup own critical, confidential information in a separate safe device.

  • Home users wishing to protect critical data, store compressed albums etc


    The Package is 1.6mm mild steel, powder coated finish which is water, heat & theft resistant. The storage is a USB solid-state USBII interface.

    The device below can be etched with your company name and a smaller Mr Backup logo at the bottom of the top plate.