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Why you should RENT your next backup solution

The most common causes of data loss are due to hardware failure, human error, power loss, virus attacks.   Most businesses we talk to are concerned they don’t have adequate data protection to cover all the common causes of data loss. 

Changing, implementing or upgrading data protection systems can be very expensive and disruptive to the business and as data grows, small tasks and issues become bigger and more costly for your business.  Daily tasks like changing backup drives, checking backup logs and monitoring backup storage health are often overlooked due to time or other priorities in the business. 

Our unique approach to providing a cost-effective backup system provides you with everything you need to protect your business from losing data.  Your managed Backup Service includes all hardware, software, services, and technical manpower to install and manage the ongoing day to day backup tasks.  The service is billed at a fixed rate every month with no hidden costs and no long term contracts.

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