Mr Backup secure private cloud backup storage provides redundancy for your offsite data storage from Tier 3 and 4 data centres located in Bracknell, United Kingdom, and Midrand, South Africa.


Cloud backup storage data centres are located in South Africa and UK and provide many options to keep your data safe.  Our goal is to make data backup storage cost effective with a personal service and ability to deliver solutions that meet your needs.   We even provide cloud backup for businesses not wishing to use their internet lines or in remote areas with no connectivity weekly, bi-monthly or monthly, Drive Rotation Service to shuttle data to our secure storage.

Most businesses come to Mr Backup for secure cloud backup storage as it offers automation to keep copies of your data at a remote location.  If you are still using trusted tape backup systems, cloud storage removes the human element is having to change and store your tapes.  Business moving from tape backup but still need to keep data for longterm data retention should consider archiving to the cloud as tape do have a limited life span and 20% or tape restores are known to fail.

  • ShadowProtect Cloud Storage
  • Veeam Direct to Cloud Backup Repository
  • Veeam Cloud Connect
  • Synology NAS Replication
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service
  • Cold Storage Archive
  • SFTP Replication
  • AES256 Encryption

Cost Effective Cloud Backup

Storage space charged per 100GB

Unlimited data retention

No Long-term commitment

Grow and shrink storage as you need it

Large Data Drive Seeding Available

Scheduled Cloud Drive Rotations

Daily Monitoring Reports

Cloud Synchronisation Management

Installation assistance

Technical support provided

Tape migration and cloud archiving

Other Services we offer
Archive Cloud StorageBusiness ContinuityRemote Support Desk


Cloud backup solutions bring automation and resilience to your business.  Explore some of our other services here. 

Backup Data Archive

Secure long term off site storage on your business data

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Failover your IT infrastructure to our Disaster Recovery as a Service host in our secure data centres.

Data Recovery

Remote support desk services available to help you restore your data.