Archive as a Service

When faced with managing your business data, many organisations are constantly battling against user demand for more data and storage.  Protecting your data comes at a cost to the business operating expenditure.

80% of unstructured data is inactive and not used but has to be stored securely for financial or regulatory reasons.

Customers turn to Mr Backup to help reduce the cost of protecting their data but what companies should consider first is what they need to protect and how it is stored.  The problem with most archiving data solutions is it relies on you knowing what data to archive.  This process alone can take up so much time to manage it become financially inefficient, so business just backup everything into one large store.

Mr Backup Archive as a Service provides options on how you wish to archive data tailored to your business data needs.  From physically shipping a hard drive to our data, remote data replicator appliances or utilising Archive Cloud Storage.

Is Archive as a Service right for your business?

If you are experiencing any of the following issues, then you should consider Archiving Data.

  • Your current schedules backup jobs fail to finish in the allotted backup window
  • Continually running out of storage and need to upgrade storage
  • Don’t have time to structure your data for efficiency
  • Concerned about the long-term data storage needs
  • Changing backup vendors and need to retrieve historical data.


Shuttle Drives to Datacentre

Archive recovery via shuttle drive

Replicate and Restore via SFTP

Onsite Replicator Appliance

AES256 Encryption

Hybrid Cloud Archive Storage

Daily Monitoring Alerts

Technical Assistance

2 Tier 4 Datacentres in UK and South Africa